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Licensed for over 30 years, Attorney Robert A. Winter Jr. is the head of his own general law practice. There he assists clients with business issues, such as contracts and construction issues, and other general problems. He is also experienced as a litigator, with skills both in negotiation and courtroom practice.

Attorney Robert Winter is admitted in both Ohio and Kentucky. As an aside, many attorneys in Covington are admitted to practice in both states. He is involved in the legal community and acquired memberships in the Bar Associations of Kentucky and Ohio.

Business Law

Before he became a lawyer, Covington Attorney Robert A. Winter, Jr. obtained a thorough education in business. His Bachelor of Science is in Accounting, and his Master of Business Administration focused on Finance. After he obtained those degrees, he obtained his Juris Doctor at the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville.

Because of his strong business background, Attorney Robert A. Winter understands the complexities of legal issues. He can help with many issues, such as starting a business and working to get the proper permits for your business. He will assist you with choosing the right business structure, obtaining and negotiating contracts and even with zoning issues as you deal with the city where your business is located.

He can also deal with more complicated issues, and he understands the intricacies of tax laws as they apply to your business. Robert A. Winter can help you to evaluate your business plan and make sure it is working for you. As someone who understands finances intimately, he can help you assess your current business strategy and help you find one that will help your business grow more quickly.

General Practice

As a general practitioner, Covington Attorney Robert A. Winter can assist with many other areas of law. He is highly experienced as a civil litigator, and will assist if you want to sue someone or if you are being sued. He understands real estate practices, and can help if you are involved in a contract dispute.

If you are in the Covington area and need an experienced litigator, call The Law Office of Robert A. Winter Jr. today for a free consultation.

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