Covington Contracts & Agreements Attorney

A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that is legally enforceable.  Contracts essentially make the world function, both in a person’s daily life and as part of the proper functioning of a business.

The law requires some contracts to be in writing. Some oral contracts are also enforceable. A contracts and agreements attorney in Covington will advise you on whether the contract you are concerned about needs to be in writing.

Attorney Robert A. Winter Jr. has 33 years of experience helping his clients with preparation or reviewing of contracts of all types. Some examples of contracts he can assist you with include, but are not limited to:

  • Buying furniture and agreeing to delivery terms.
  • Buying real estate, either personal or commercial.
  • Leasing commercial property.
  • Landlord/tenant contracts.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Business partnership agreements.
  • Construction contracts.

Bob Winter will draft any contract for you, no matter how limited or comprehensive the contract may need to be. If you are offered a contract, he will review it to determine if it is to your advantage to agree to its terms. If any term seems unfair, he is good at negotiating more favorable terms for you.

Breach of Contract Litigation

When one party does not perform the promise he or she made under the contract or agreements, a breach has occurred and litigation may be required in order to have the contract terms enforced. If you are accused of breaching a contract term, or you believe someone you have a contract with has breached the agreement, you need the services of a contracts and agreements attorney in Covington. Bob Winter is a good negotiator and may be able to resolve the dispute amicably and without going to court.

On the other hand, if negotiation cannot resolve the issues, he is a skilled trial attorney. Ultimately, his goal is to resolve the dispute as quickly and economically as possible.

For Your Contract Litigation Issues Call Robert!

At the Law Office of Attorney Robert A. Winter, Bob devotes a large percentage of his law practice to working with clients on contracts and agreements. His office is in Covington, KY, and he serves all those throughout the entire state of Kentucky as well as those in Ohio. Contact him today at (859) 250-3337.

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