Covington Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil litigation is when two or more parties become involved in a legal dispute. There are no criminal charges or penalties at issue. One party may be seeking monetary damages from another person or business based on a personal injury claim. This can be any type of dispute from medical malpractice to premises liability.

A breach of contract issue may arise. One party may be seeking an order for specific performance, which requires the other party to comply with the terms of the contract as interpreted by the court. Whatever the disagreement, Robert A. Winter, a civil litigation lawyer in Covington, can help.

Civil litigation is not as simple as it looks on television where the conflict is generally resolved in one hour. There are several stages to the process which may take more time than you hoped for. Bob Winter, at the Law Office of Robert A. Winter Jr. knows the toll a long litigation process can take. For 33 years, he has put his clients’ needs first as he strives to resolve disputes as quickly as possible in the best way possible for his clients.

Stages of The Civil Litigation Process Include:

  • Pre-filing investigation. The law only allows a certain amount of time to pass after the incident that gives rise to the dispute. It may be that the case will need to be filed in court while the investigation is ongoing.
  • Filing the complaint in court.
  • Discovery. This is the longest process. Each side requests information from the other in various forms. Interrogatories require written answers that are given under oath. Depositions are when one attorney asks questions in person of a party to the case. Answers are provided under penalty of perjury and transcribed by a court reporter.
  • Trial.

Not every case goes through every stage. Settlements can occur at any time.  Bob Warner is a good negotiator and committed to getting the best possible settlement for his clients.

Contact Robert Winter Jr. – Civil Litigation Lawyer

Attorney Robert A. Winter is an experienced negotiator, and although there are no guarantees in the law, he has a track record of resolving disputes favorably for his clients. If trial is needed, you will be glad to have him on your side. His office is located in Covington, KY, but he helps residents of both Ohio and Kentucky. Contact him today at (859) 250-3337.

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